The Refresh: Thursday June 20th

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Breaking News

  • Mozilla acquires Anonym, a clean-room tech developed by former employees (Mozilla Blog)

  • Media dollars on MFA dropped from 15% to 5% according to the ANA (AdExchanger)

  • DoubleVerify said MFA was actually up 19% YoY just over the weekend (Campaign Live)

  • Uber will be allowing programmatic ads in app (The Drum)

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The Latest and Greatest

Podcast of the week

Our guest this week is Doug Knopper the co-founder and formerly co-CEO of Freewheel, which was acquired by Comcast for over 300 million. Great insights on the CTV industry.

 Everyone Cannes

A 5-part educational series featuring short videos by Attributy, Adlib, Flashtalking, Tatari and IQM. Each episode discusses what they bring to Cannes Lion 2024 (sponsored).

Paparo’s Place

Our dear leader gives his hot takes on the news of the week

Mozilla has acquired Anonym

Browser-maker Mozilla has acquired Anonym, a pioneer in privacy-preserving digital advertising, to boost user privacy while delivering effective ad solutions. Founded in 2022 by former Meta executives, Anonym will continue serving its customers as it joins Mozilla, leading the industry towards a future where privacy and effective advertising coexist.

Ari’s view: Apple has SKAd (now AAK), Google has the Sandbox. Mozilla now has Anonym. Whether they use the technology as a basis for browser capabilities, or to power their own ad network is an open question.

The ANA says MFA is down

A year ago, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) exposed significant waste in the programmatic media supply chain, revealing $22 billion lost annually to inefficient ad practices. The average programmatic campaign ran on 44,000 websites, with over 20% of impressions on made-for-advertising sites (MFA). Recent ANA and TAG TrustNet benchmarks show improvements, with MFA spending dropping from 15% to 4% and campaigns now averaging 23,000 websites.

Ari’s view: Coming the same week that DoubleVerify said MFA was up 19% YoY in 2023, the picture is anything but clear. Jounce Media has also been publishing data showing MFA coming down precipitously since the ANA report. And, of course, you have to define MFA to measure it, which is tricky…

The Trade Desk Threatens to Pull Plug on Yahoo Video Ads Amid Misrepresentation Dispute

The Trade Desk plans to stop monetizing Yahoo's video content, accusing Yahoo of misrepresenting its inventory as in-stream, which typically commands higher prices. The Trade Desk warned that without changes, it would block Yahoo’s video inventory by June 17, extending to all video inventory by July if unresolved. Despite ongoing negotiations.

Ari’s view: We reported on the improvements made to oRTB reporting on video context a couple of months ago and there were predictions this would have big downstream impacts. Well, as the kids say, “shot…chaser”. Assuming TTD is being above board in this dispute, properly labeling this inventory is a positive for everyone, except maybe Yahoo.


AdTechGod Community Spotlight

John Whitmore has been a supporter of the AdTechGod Slack Community since its inception. His guidance to new members has been invaluable, so I’m paying it forward.

John Whitmore is SVP of Global Business Development at 33Across and spearheads Lexicon, the company's Identity Resolution Platform.

John Whitmore

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