Justify Your Existence Returns

And Index gives us some more Sandbox data to chew on

Hope everyone had a great July 4th. We’ve got the return of Justify Your Existence, and a Sandbox update from Index Exchange.


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Permutive’s Joe Root talks 1P data

Permutive came out of the gate as an early leader in the first party data space. A couple of years in, we catch up with founder and CEO Joe Root about how they create complex targeting models client-side, and how those can work for publishers and advertisers.

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Justify Your Existence is back!

This past week was the July 4th holiday, where we celebrate independence. And what’s a better symbol for independence than quitting your boring job, throwing caution to the wind, and starting a tiny ad tech company?

We released three new Justify Your Existence interviews this week, they are combined into a single podcast stream and each is on the website for another week. As a reminder, “JYE” are very short interviews with very small start-ups you may have never heard of.

Listen to the podcast with all three JYEs: Spotify / Apple.

Viewst is creative workflow for teams that lets you organize and manage all your creatives.

UPAID is a pre-seed stage company that provides a browser extension allowing users to create their own advertising IDs, which they can share with advertisers

Advsr helps media organizations and agencies streamline and enhance their pitching and planning processes.

Sandbox update from Index Exchange

This is going to be a quick update. Last week we went into some depth on the Sandbox results from Criteo. Since publication, Index Exchange has come out with their own results (link).

Index found:

  • 33% decline in CPMs vs 3P cookies

  • 36% decline in CPMs when both cookies and Sandbox were not present, implying only a 3% lift from Sandbox

  • 28% higher latency

So let’s update our triangulation from last week on the reduction in publisher revenue:

Data source

Decline in CPMs

Criteo study

60% with Sandbox

78% overall


30%, no Sandbox

Index Exchange

33% with Sandbox

Safari, baseline


Index’s Suggestions

In their post, Index lists some important suggestions that they believe are required to make Sandbox useful. I’ll provide a little context below.

What Index wants

Ari’s context

Video support

Google claims this is possible if you really know how to do it. Not encouraging.

Multi-size support

Most publishers and publisher tools moved to support multi-size ad slots over ten years ago. This increases revenue when demand varies between sizes. Seems very important.


Deals are obviously very important! I think Google isn’t going to allow deals because by their nature they leak information from the sell-side to the buy-side, violating the privacy requirements.

Top-level GAM auction

Index claims the increased latency is caused by the requirement that GAM be the arbiter of the auction, even if it isn’t GAM demand that wins. This hasn’t been written about enough, and might be the last straw for the CMA and others.


TTEs are basically server-side Sandbox implementations and Google is maintaining tight control over who these can be deployed by and how. Obvious anti-competitive activity.

We will continue keeping our readers updated on the latest and greatest from the Sandbox. We await more data!


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